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African Bible Colleges in general and African Bible University of Uganda in particular were established by Dr. Jack Chinchen and his wife with the goal of achieving the following purposes:
To further Christian Education in Africa that is evangelical in persuasion.
To spread the word of God by maintaining, preserving, perpetuating and uplifting Christian principles and ideals
The philosophy of African Bible University is based on the firm belief that quality education with God's Word at the center cannot fail to produce quality leaders for the continent of Africa.



of African Bible Colleges

The chief aim of African Bible Colleges Inc. (ABC) is to train young Christian men and women in Africa how to be changemakers in their community and give them exceptional leadership skills relevant to the context they will be working in. Through its work in Liberia, Malawi and Uganda ABC is committed to proclaiming salvation through Christ alone while perpetuating, uplifting and preserving biblical Christian principles.

African Bible Colleges

Rev. Dr. John (Jack) William Chinchen
Founder of African Bible Colleges

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Dr. Jack Chinchen:

Faith in Action, God in Motion was the motto of Jack and Nell Chinchen, the founders of the three African Bible Colleges in Liberia, Malawi and Uganda.
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By Dr. O. Palmer Robertson

Dr. O. Palmer<br>Robertson
Vice Chancellor of African Bible University in UgandaDr. O. Palmer

"The 3 Phases in the Life of Dr. Jack Chinchen"

Phase 1: Prosperity According to this world

In this first phase of his life, Jack Chinchen had it made.  He was prosperous in every way. He had a very beautiful wife, a wonderful family, a brand new beautiful house and a profitable business. He was a Millionaire while still a young man of around 30 years of age. The prosperity that preachers usually promise and that parents wish for their children: Jack had it all!

Phase 2: Enslavement to Jesus Christ
God opened his eyes to see that all his prosperity was empty and had enslaved him to the world. He, therefore, turned from it all to follow Jesus and became Christ's blood-bought slave. Jack Chinchen was redeemed and called sovereignly by the Holy Spirit to go into the gospel ministry and he left the affluence of America and came to live as a stranger in the jungles of Liberia on a mission of training pastors. As a bondslave of Jesus Christ, Jack experienced the joy of the Lord and felt happy, blessed and fulfilled than ever before.

Do you see how they turned the gospel of prosperity upside down on its head?

Instead of being in poverty looking for prosperity, they are in prosperity and they go to poverty for the sake of Jesus Christ. And they were free.

Where are you in your phase of life? In phase one, still having that desire for prosperity for yourself? Or are you in phase two: the phase of enslavement to Jesus Christ?

Phase 3: Glorification with Jesus in the Presence of God Forever
On 27th February 2019, Jack died and went to be with the Savior to receive his crown of glory. In John 17, Jesus prayed saying that he wants us to be with him in Glory. 

So what are you doing with your eyes down here, looking at this world and the prosperity therein, when your eyes should be focused on heaven?

My prayer today is that God will put it in your heart to say, "Yes, Lord, I am your slave. I will go wherever you want me to go. I will do whatever you want me to do. My life is not my own. I have been bought with a price. If you want me to go into the bush of South Sudan, or in Rwanda, or in Congo, I'm ready. I'm ready to be lost from all human greatness because I'm a slave to Jesus Christ. "

May God work in our hearts today, as we contemplate the life pattern of one of his servants, from prosperity to enslavement to glory.

Christ shall have Dominion over Land and Sea!

This hymn paraphrases Psalm 72. It is a hymn of triumph and missions and the theme song of African Bible University.
Here you will find a special letter that Rev. Dr. Jack Chinchen wrote to his supporting churches shortly before leaving this world on February 26, 2019, for the glories of Heaven. Your heart will be filled with joy as you read Rev. Jack Chinchen's description of the blossoming fruit resulting from fifty years of labor in Africa — a continent he loved so much and claimed for God's purpose.


In Memory of Rev. Jack Chinchen

"Faith in Action, God in Motion"

This was one of the beloved mottos of Jack and Nell Chinchen - The founders of the three African Bible Colleges in Liberia, Malawi and Uganda.

Raising Servant Leaders for Christ in Africa

Jack had a great passion for helping others discover the promises, hope and salvation through Christ. 

Isiah 18 gave Jack the firm belief that Africa had a great destiny. He looked forward to the Lord’s coming again and believed Africa would be God’s final stronghold for Christ upon His return.

Teaching the Treasures of God's Truth

Jack has always loved teaching and preaching God’s Word.  He taught many Bible and Theology courses at African Bible College over the years, but his great love was teaching through the Book of Joshua and teaching his students how to preach.
Jack Chinchen's funeral service

MARCH 12, 2019

10:00 AM (Central Standard Time)
First Presbyterian Church in Jackson Mississippi 

Click on the button below to watch Rev. Dr. JW Chinchen's Funeral Service Broadcasted Live in Jackson, Mississippi

Funeral Service

The funeral service for Rev Dr. Jack Chinchen was held in the USA at First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Mississippi. Following the service, Dr. Chinchen was laid to rest at Lakewood Memorial Park in Jackson.

Event Address

First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Mississippi


Tuesday 12th March 2019, at 10 am

Each of the African Bible College campuses in Uganda, Malawi and Liberia cancelled all classes on Tuesday 12th March 2019 and held a memorial service at 10 am. All alumni were invited.
abu-Uganda's Memorial service
While his funeral was taking place in the United States, the African Bible College campus in Uganda held a memorial service on March 12 to honour our Lord Jesus Christ, to celebrate a life well lived by the grace of God, and to praise God for the fruitful ministry of his servant Dr. Jack Chinchen who had passed on to Glory.

About African Bible University
in Uganda

African Bible University is a unique institution of higher learning in Uganda. For around  15 years now, we have been transforming lives by providing a biblically based education that is designed not  only to inform the mind but also to transform the heart because we believe that "the heart of the problem is the problem of the heart."

We also give our students remarkable skills and training in the areas of church, Business, Education, Communications and government. African Bible University is a Ministry of African Bible Colleges Inc.

Jack & Nell Chinchen's Passion:

"Teaching the Treasures of God's Truth." — Motto on the front gate of all the three African Bible College Campuses. This was the passion of the African Bible Colleges founders - Jack and Nell Chinchen.

Christ shall have dominion over land and sea!


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27 February 2019

Dr. Jack Chinchen's Biography

Rev. Dr. John (Jack) William Chinchen, Founder of African Bible Colleges, went to be with our Lord and Savior on Tuesday, February 26, at 6:40 pm at the age of 94. Dr. Chinchen died in Africa, where he served Christ for nearly 50 years as a pioneer missionary and one of the continent’s great trailblazers of Christian higher education.

Message from the Vice Chancellor

Africa's Leadership Challenge and the African Bible University

What is a University? What is African Bible University? What does African Bible University teach, and why does it teach what it teaches?

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