Were Wedded On the Sarturday 29th September, 2018
at Victory Christian Church
in Ndeeba (Uganda).


Radio ABC: Connecting People and Building Relationships

How did it begin?

ABU's Radio ABC 99.3 FM was the Starting Point for Robert and Beatrice's Love Story

Beatrice came to know Robert through African Bible University's Radio ABC. This was the beginning of their love story!

Robert Mulanzi is a graduate of African Bible University (ABU) from the class of 2017. He is also a member of Victory Christian Church, Masajja. He graduated from ABU with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies with Communications. During the four years of his undergraduate training, Robert was working with Radio ABC 99.3 FM so as to gain hand's on experience as a communications student and to minister to God's people as well in this Radio ministry. After his graduation, Robert went to work on Dream TV.

On Robert's & Beatrice's wedding, Robert's senior pastor, Vincent Mbalangu, told the congregation that Beatrice's mother loves Radio ABC very much. One day, while Beatrice and her family were at home listening to Radio ABC and they heard a young man named Robert speaking. According to the testimony that was narrated by Robert's senior pastor, Beatrice's family loved this young man whom they perceived that he was "saying very nice things."
Student Robert Mulanzi in Radio ABC 99.3FM studios

Robert's talkshows on Radio ABC turned him into a "celebrity" in Beatrice's Family

On hearing Robert speak on Radio ABC, Beatrice spoke to her mother and said, "Whoever marries that young man is going to be a blessed woman!" This may partly explain the reason for Beatrice's great dance as she was entering the church to be wedded to Robert. She must have surely been excited to see her dream of getting married to this "celebrity" becoming true!

The soft-spoken Robert also surprised almost everyone on his wedding day when he danced even more vigorously than Beatrice as he was marching into the church. No one knew that Robert could dance this much; and to make it even more surprising, he did not even sweat after this vigorous exercise!
The Senior Pastor of Victory Christian Church Ndeeba, Dr. Joseph Serwadda admonished the couple. He particularly assured Robert that he had found the right partner and what this meant for him is that the searching, "surfing," and "browsing"  for possible suitors was over for him! 

From his 34 years of experience in marriage, Dr. Serwadda gave Robert some secrets of a prosperous marriage and he said that they are only two: (1) to fear God and (2) to love his wife.

Dr. Serwadda thereafter told Robert to be totally satisfied with having Beatrice as his one and only right partner till death parts them and thereafter prayed for the couple

Saturday 10.00


The wedding was conducted at Victory Christian Church Ndeeba. Robert's Seniour Pastor of Victory Christian Church Masajja, Vincent Mbalangu, preached the wedding sermon. The senior Pastor of Victory Christian Church Ndeeba, Dr. Joseph Sserwadda wedded the couple.

Just wedded and with the wedding certificate as proof!
Reception venue: inside the Gymnasium of African Bible University

Saturday 15.30


The reception was in the gymnasium of African Bible University campus (the home of Radio ABC 99.3 fm) in Lubowa, opposite Quality Shopping Village

Checking to Confirm!

Too concealed? Unveiling to avoid a repetition of Jacob's mistake in Genesis 29:20-25!

Husband and Wife

"... a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh" — Genesis 2:24

Wedding Cake

The wedding ceremony in church was accompanied by more fellowship and "swallowship" at the ABU campus in Lubowa.


Whose presence graced the occasion

Dr. Joseph<br>Serwadda
Senior Pastor Victory Church NdeebaDr. Joseph
He is the one who wedded Robert Mulanzi and Beatrice Sanyu
Dr. O. Palmer Robertson
Vice Chancellor of African Bible UniversityDr. O. Palmer Robertson
He led both in a prayer of dedication and blessing for the couple
Pastor Vincent Mbalangu
Senior Pastor of Victory Church MasajjaPastor Vincent Mbalangu
He is the one who preached the wedding sermon.


More Special Wedding Momments in Pictures

Wedding memories

in pictures
Marriage Quote

"He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord." — Proverbs 18:22

Congragulations Robert & Beatrice!


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